If you haven’t guessed by now, this is a creative writing blog.  Click on a category on the sidebar for something to read, alternatively you can dig through the archives. We recommend checking out different categories, as they can be vastly different – you may find yourself utterly loathing one, but hopelessly infatuated by another. and   New stories are being added regularily, so follow us here for new releases, or…
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About the Scroll Keeper

I am the scroll keeper.  I keep scrolls.

I’m a blind man who writes for fun, needless to say a fan of most literature and writing forms.  I take great pleasure in word play and spur the moment witicisms.  I enjoy viewing the world through many perspectives, the most interesting of which some people may find disagreeable.  Nonetheless, I try to explore it all, or at least, I desire to explore it all and can sometimes be a bit of an eccentric.  I’m also a classically trained musician, an advocate for human rights/equality, and a business student. I teach guitar if anyone’s interested.
Feel free to contact me via a comment, skype, or on Facebook.  I’m really quite friendly.

I am only the messenger, moving between my reality and yours. 

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If you’d like to contribute to 21 Scrolls, please contact the Scroll Keeper with a sample of your writing! We’re looking for any enthusiastic writers, the only prerequisite is inpleckabel splelign, or that you use a spellchecker.

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